Sunday, October 19, 2008

zombie highschool student with a paper hat

so two nights ago i got hit on for the first time in japan by a japanese boy. we were waiting in line to get on the gakuen bus to fuchinobe station and we were being pretty loud (primarily A.J.) and this group of japanese highschool students were watching us, and i think, making fun of us. so i look over and see that... one of them is wearing a paper hat. so i say "we may be baka gaijin (stupid forigners) but atleast we arent wearing paper hats!!!" and so i keep looking over, and eventually the paper hat boy says hello to me in decent english, and says it is his magic hat. and shows me a picture of a zombie he drew, we ask if it is him and he says yes. so he starts trying to talk to me and blushes everytime i look at him, and so i ask if he is a Gundam Pilot, and he freaks out, like im some sort of goddess for knowing what a Gundam is. so we introduce ourselves and get on the bus. he sits first and is relatively far away, but when he sees where i'm sitting, he asks the person behind me to switch with him XD!! so right as we get off the bus, i turn around and wave "baibai!" and he blushes and bows to me. XD

so the first japanese boy to hit on me was a zombie highschool student wearing a paper hat.

yesterday was Lindsey's birthday and we went to Outback Steakhouse in Shibuya. shibuya is insane.. there were so many people that they didnt look like people anymore... more like... obstacles in my path just waiting for my huge american ass to run them off the street. dinner was delicious, it was like being in america for three hours, which is sad because aparently we can only feel like we are in america if we are stuffing our faces in a fat-ass restaurante. Lindsey and i went to the ladies room and were hugging and admiring how awesome of a lesbian couple we look like, when a japanese woman came in the bathroom XD we giggled like schoolgirls and ran out, right as Emily walked by us like "double-you-tee-eff mate?" the whole night was fun until kareoke was a million dollars. but our room DID have astro dolphins and a jellyfish city named "kareoke land". today i think im sleeping... and..... sleeping. yea.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

10 - Pas Si Simple


i realize more and more that i'm more of an outcast here as well. i hang out with alot of people but really, i think im akward. it's been awhile for me to be around so many people, and it's rather overwhelming. i usually am a people hater, but everyone here is so interesting, so all i want to do is spend time with everyone, but it's still strange for me hah.. i miss being able to hang out with some of the best friends i made here. (for various reasons)

i downloaded the Amelie soundtrack, i missed it so much. it reminds me of all the happiest things ever! that movie is so cute.

another thing that bothers me a bit, is alot of people's mom's are like, really into facebook and checking on their kids. it makes me jealous XD;; just makes me think about sad things i really would rather not type here. but, i have discovered that finding jewelry stores in japan is difficult.

i dunno, i just think i've been thinking about alot of serious things because partly, i've more time now that i am in level 1, and also learning more about the people here.

i am also sad that i am going to miss my father's wedding, i really love Larissa, his fiancee. i only got to spend a few weeks with her before i came to japan, but im so happy my father finally has a woman who can treat him like a human being ^^; he really doesnt know how to handle it though and its hella cute.


lol--- great timing

Thursday, October 9, 2008


just saw a hyundai commercial where they had three cars leaning on their sides and dancing as the music played "BE MY BABY BE MY BABY BE MY BABY!"

...and then a commercial with a black man screaming in japanese at two different cup-of-noodles in the middle of a grochery store isle...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

naked man made my day

i felt like a loser today... until i came home and turned on the news~~ and saw a fat-bald naked japanese man holding a stick and a brick.... apparently they tried to restrain him but he raised his brick at the policemen with their batons... then he slipped and fell into a lake... swam over to some fisherman and splashed them. he swam after them when they were trying to row away from him... so he climbed out of the water.. and chased some buisness-men who ran like school girls. so he sorta just.. kept being naked since no one wanted to get close to him XD;;;

Monday, October 6, 2008

gundam pilot!

so sunday was the BBQ at Jake's place, which was hella fun even though getting to his place is a jfs;dohfga;woinge hike. so my legs STILL hurt <<>3 !! it was great though, his otousan kept saying "alohaaa" and wanting me to dance with him, it was hillarious. however, both Jake's "indian brother" and the "indian brother"'s friend told me to lose weight << buuut Jacob was funny after some osake and thought he was a walrus for about an hour. that was REAL amusement, almost as good as when he rode A.J.'s new bike today and looked like a bear on a tricycle. XD!!!

today i went to machida with A.J. (since Mat and Jacob bailed!!) and we had a blast. we got our A.Reg cards AND our insurance (woot!) and then he ate a grease-burger and gave me some french fries. on the way to the Cat's Eye for some much needed Gundam! (omg, yes. i AM a gundam pilot now! i even have the plastic card to prove it >D !!!!) and we passed by a Claire's that had some hollows eve stuff, and i bought some angel wings (yasui!) so i have a nice cheap costume for the holiday.

so A.J. spent 1000 yen on a grabber-game to win some pocky, which he finally got lol. and we played taiko, and we turned him into a gundam pilot! yaaaay A.J.!! then on the way home the train was hella late so i was late for dinner and Yusuke mssged me that he was sad because he was hungry, but i told him to eat without me and he got all happy, it was hillarious. then he asked me about "Billy Boot-Camp" which i did not comprehend at the time, until he put in an american Tae-Bo dvd and proceded to tell me that "Billy" was gonna get him in shape. so i got up and did tae bo with him, and outdid him XD even though he's all buff-like, and Miho AND Kaede joined in. it was hilllaaarious.

then i showed them my wings, and Yusuke took a photo of me on his keitei, and now i want to sleep... x___X