Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Meet Billy

so.. i woke up this morning and used my towel from last night that was laying on the floor of my newly cleaned room, to wipe the make-up off my face so i would be presentable for breakfast. but when i threw the towel carelessly upon the ground once more, a giant cockroach-thing popped out from under it. it was quite massive, so i didnt really want to squish it for fear that i'd have to clean up a puddle of buggy-ooze, so i grabbed my glass cup from last night's wine and put it over him.

i didnt have time to figure out what to do with him, so i left him there as i hurried off to school. i thought about him in class... i wondered "how long could a buggy live with a glass full of air?" and "i wonder if the sugar from the wine tastes good?" when i got home i was sort of... glad.. to find him alive. it was almost like having a pet. i considered keeping him, and feeding him M'n'M's or Skittles, but then i realized.... he's just a yucky buggy.

so, in honor of him, i named him Billy, after my favourite Power Ranger, then put a piece of paper under his House and carried him off to the Totoro Toilet where i flushed him to his eternal grave.

so may you rest in peace, Dear Billy, and may your family not come to my room seeking revenge.

1 comment:

Liz said...

i hate finding bugs... grosses me out a bunch. this post made me laugh though. i wonder what someone would have thought if they had seen him sitting there in your room like that...