Monday, November 24, 2008


wow, so alot happens but i'm always too tired to type it.

so lets see....

last friday i got to see Kt for the first time in years. it was akward only because we were both in japan o___o she was pretty much the same Kt and we had a good time. i felt bad though since she lives in a small town and i have Machida nearby with so much shoppings. she met Jake, Mat and some of the Japanese girls. i think all we did was talk nonstop and try on boots. then we went to Yakiniku and i think the guy didnt charge us for our beers XD!~ it was deliciousness.

saturday i went with Jake, Ramone, Justin, and A.J. to the Kirin Brewery factory. which they called "Beer Village" we had fun but all anyone was waiting for was the free beer. i got the Stout which was very good, (i just wish i could find it in stores) and bought some omiyage. however, i was sad the tshirt i wanted only came in L and LL so i got what i THOUGHT was a tote bag. WRONG~!! and i didnt open it until AFTER my two large beers, so needless to say it was hillarious when Sensei and the others found out i had bought an apron when i thought it was a bag. and of course A.J. had to tie it on me. *le sigh*

then later; Alex, Kana, Sakiko, and PChan met us in Yokohama at the Landmark Tower, so we did things there. rode a swirly ride which was hella fun, and the huge ferris wheel. which, by the way, is romantic and gorgeous at night. (they have it in alot of animes where the boy confesses his love on it) interesting to see it in person. then we went to the shopping mall Sakiko works in, wandered around, found interesting things and then ate. stole some ice creams from Jake and fed my boyfriend Sakiko. she's so cute :3 A.J. jumped over some steps like the Kaizoku he is, and we went home. i was home alone that night so i ate the curry my host fam made for me, filled the bathtub all on my own (yay!) and made a Kahlua and Milk and relaxed in the tub ^^ havent done that for awhile since in japan they love baths but they dont really drink anything or light candles.... then i slept.

then yesterda, sunday, i met up with Jake, A.J, Ramone and Justin and we went to HaraJuku, Shibuya and Shinjuku. Jake left before everything. so in HaraJuku we saw like 5 people dressed up, and some cranky japanese mad approached us and guessed off the bat that A.J. was canadian. said he was awesome, then started to talk shit about america, and A.J. was like "uhh well they're all american" pointing to me, Ramone and Justin. but the old fella kept going, saying how we wont let him come to our country and then about how we kill everyone. at that point i was no longer amiused and just walked away. we think he wanted monies but we cant figure out how it would work if he just insulted us?

anywho, the temple was amazing and i took over 40 photos of just the wish blocks. in the japanese temples they always hang these wish blocks, you buy one and fill it out and hang it, and every 3 months or so, they take all the wishes and burn them in a ceremony that makes the wish real. but what was so neat about this place was that there were wishes from every country imaginable. i found german, russian, thai, korean, chinese, japanese, english, french, arabian. it was amazing. and some in english were hillarious, especially ones written by little kids. and many had drawings or lists. i think i might do a project on them, they were particularly inspiring.

then we went to NHK Broadcasting station (Home of Domo-Kun!!!) and it was pretty fun. A.J and i did a dub of an anime together, but i couldnt read the japanese very quickly. it was funny, he played this fat white man who stroked his mustache and i was the Mable the akward and quiet secretary. there were birds and mustache stroking and thats all i remember. then Justin did one (ramone decided he didnt want to join us for the tour) and it was hillarious, he was this little kid that fell from the sky and the second half of his lines he sorta just "domo--nani-------whatever whatever" it was hillllaaarious. then we went to the first Glasses-less 3D movie theatre, which was awesome but hurt your neck, because you had to sit funny to make it work. and the second half was a story with......dundundun... KAIZOKU! it was funny. and ironic. then we went to the store... i wanted the 50$ huge domo soooooooo bad. i still do. but i settled for the tiny one, a washcloth, and a really spiffy lego calendar. which was together 40$ so im still wondering if i shoulda just got the huge domo....

then we met up with ramone and ate at Freshness Burger. which i didnt like as much as Mos Burger and it was hella expensive and small. so we went to Krispy Kreme! and were treated like VIP's, since we wanted 2 dozen donuts. however when we were whisked to the front of the line, they told us we couldnt choose our donuts..... which we later realized.. sucked. since half the donuts we got.. sucked. and they werent fresh. BUT we didnt have to wait forever in line so it wasnt THAT bad. and when we sat down to eat them out on the curb, some random man asked us (in perfect english) if we had any spare donuts. he didnt look like a bum, but it was so random and ballsy that i gave him the plain donut i didnt want, and A.J gave him half of his crueller (which he later regretted)

then we searched for the Oxygen Bar that no longer exsisted... but we saw a man with a monkey! which was interesting...

then we went to the Square Enix store, which was much smaller then anticipated, but awesome none-the-less. and i bought a Cactuar!!! omg ive wanted one for YEARS! ;D! the store was in two sections, the stuffed animals and then the expensive jewelery. and in the jewelery place there was amazing beautiful silver jewelery from all the final fantasies, chrono trigger, kingdom hearts and fullmetal alchemist. they had quite astounding resin models, and the coolest part, was there was a lifesize half-naked sephiroth in the floor under us. he had his one wing and was laying on a bed of glowwy. it was... so... cool...... i will post photos someday.

then we went home. i drank with the host fam, we all got drunk. and watched the new Gundam 00 in japanese. when i woke up this morning i remembered seeing Tieria Erde in a dress.... and thought i dreamt it. since i WAS drunkish. but no.... i remembered it was real and really wanna know wtf was going on? annnnd i decided to skip today because those boys tired me out this weekend. which im now oh-so thankful for. i cleaned alot (which was needed) and started laundry a bit ago.

about half ab hour ago, i went out to the main room to do some drawing (since i have ALOT to finish for christmas >< you people better know how much i loves you! rawr!) but kaede wanted to steal my markers and kept messing me up... which was beyond irritating but she was so cute i couldnt do anything. so she sat in my lap and wanted to see all the colours i had, but i had to be sooo careful because theyre copics.. and expensive... but she was so adamant... but i safely got them away from her, tempting her with chocolate. but then she didnt want the chocolate that took me forever to break apart. so i offered her a Yogurito (her fav) and tried to escape. but no.. she found me. she can open doors now. so the only way i can get her to stop from entering my room is to turn off the light, which she yells "kurai!!!" and runs away. so i go with her to the main room again and decide ill make another kahlua and milk and sit with her for a bit. but as i do so she says that the Yogurito was tasty and she wants another. well i cant, so i tell her "sorry but no". and then she cries. which FINALLY woke up her sleeping parents, since none of the aforementioned things would have taken place had one of them been awake. it was okay though, i'd love to help them out. so as Yusuke woke up, i escaped. and here i am!


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Jacob said...

Sounds like you had a fun weekend!

I was going to say something else, but then I got distracted by the background. You know how they're like "do you see the boxes where there aren't boxes" at the intersections or whatever...yeah, that's totally happening to me now.